Archer fish show off Olympic credentials by shooting at target


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Archer fish shoot at a target

Archer fish shoot at a target

Archer fish at an aquarium have been showing off their Olympic credentials by shooting bullseyes on a target.

The fish shoot prey out of the sky by firing a jet of water out of their mouths and, thanks to a special set-up rigged up by staff at Sea Life London Aquarium, they proved they can find a target as well.

Displays supervisor Rowena Kennedy said: “With the postponed 2020 Olympics now here, our team of expert aquarists at Sea Life London Aquarium wanted to get involved in all the sporting excitement.

“The archer fish are unique creatures and the perfect fishy athletes to get the team in the mood for a summer of sport.”

Archer fish, which measure between 10in and 12in, can aim very precisely thanks to their slender profile and face shape.

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