Push for Nato to tackle ‘hostile’ Russia ahead of PM’s meeting with chief


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Nato Leaders Meeting

Nato Leaders Meeting

Dominic Raab has called on Nato to work together to tackle the threat of “hostile states like Russia” ahead of a meeting between the Prime Minister and the alliance’s chief in London.

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will meet Boris Johnson on Wednesday, Nato confirmed, following the meeting between Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, and their allied counterparts on Tuesday.

And the first meeting of Nato leaders since 2019 will take place later this month.

Mr Raab used Tuesday’s meeting to reiterate his concern about Russia, including the situation in Ukraine, GRU military intelligence officers being behind the deaths of two civilians and an explosion in the Czech town of Vrbetice, and the limiting of staff at the US and Czech Embassies – defying the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

He said: “The UK is supporting and reinforcing Nato as we rise to the challenge of tackling hostile states like Russia, whilst also adapting to face new threats – from dangerous cyber attacks to poisonous misinformation, put about by those who want to undermine our way of life.”

Mr Wallace added: “The UK will continue to be one of Nato’s most active Allies. As the Alliance strengthens its approach to deterring the threats of today, looks ahead to the future, and grows its capabilities in new domains, our Armed Forces will be at the forefront of the collective response to shared threats.”

It comes after Mr Raab pointed the finger at Russia over the “hijack” of a Ryanair flight by Belarus and the arrest of a critical journalist.

Mr Raab will also meet with Mr Stoltenberg and National Security Adviser Sir Stephen Lovegrove will join them, according to a statement from Nato.

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