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Roman Reigns Responds to Dwayne Johnson’s Call Out for WrestleMania

A few weeks back, The Rock said he would like to return to WrestleMania to face Roman Reigns. The Big Dog has responded to that flattering statement from his cousin.

In an interview with ESPN, Roman Reigns was asked about Dwayne Johnson wanting a dream match with him. Here is what the champion said –

“It would be amazing. You know what I mean, for any superstar of my generation to have someone on his level, someone that’s done so much not only in sports entertainment but also the movie industry entertainment in general. The man has like a billion followers online. To be able to put the spotlight on our generation and what we do and the current product in the WWE that would be amazing and you know just sharing the ring with him. “

Everyone has had high praise for Roman Reigns’ new Tribal Chief character. The heel persona has been a smash hit amongst the WWE Universe and pro-wrestling analysts.

“I am really enjoying what I am doing right now being able to share the ring with my cousin Jey Uso and to be able to tell the family story and to tell about our family business, lineage, and history, where we come from and represent our family is pretty cool. To just continue and try and take it to the next level is what I’m trying to do every time.”

Reigns will definitely love to face The Rock as soon as possible. However, before that, he has to stave off a huge challenge from another one of his cousins.

Roman Reigns has warned Jey Uso of consequences

A few weeks ago on SmackDown, Reigns called Jey Uso to the ring as he wanted to be acknowledged as the Tribal Chief. Prior to this edition of SmackDown, Uso had received the beating of his life.

However, Jey Uso didn’t succumb to what Reigns wanted and earned another title shot; although this time, it would be inside Hell in a Cell.

A week later, on the previous edition of SmackDown, Roman Reigns said that he just wanted to make Jey Uso’s life better and was trying to help; all Uso had to do was acknowledge him as his Tribal Chief.

The Universal champion then revealed that the stipulation will be ‘I Quit’ match inside Hell in a Cell. Reigns promised that after he destroys his cousin, there will be consequences.

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