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Washington Football Team owner ‘threatened to kill cheerleading coach if he didn’t keep women “skinny with big t**s”‘

DAN Snyder allegedly told a former cheerleading coach of the Washington Football Team that he had to keep the dancers “skinny with big tits” or he would “f**king kill” him.

Snyder, owner of the Football Team, reportedly made the sleazy threat to Donald Wells, who served as the squad’s coach from 1997 to 2009, at a 2004 charity event, the Washington Post reported.


Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Football Team, reportedly told a cheerleading coach to keep dancers ‘skinny with big tits’Credit: AP:Associated Press


The threat allegation comes amid revelations that team officials produced unauthorized videos featuring exposed cheerleadersCredit: Getty Images – Getty


Snyder allegedly made the comments at an event where the cheerleaders performed in 2004Credit: Getty Images – Getty


A group of 12 former cheerleaders for the team, previously known as the Redskins, have said they intend to sue SnyderCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“You better keep them skinny with big tits or I’ll f–king kill you,” Snyder allegedly told Wells.

Wells added that he “never would have told anyone” about the encounter if the outlet had not revealed in August that lewd videos were made of the cheerleaders.

“I would never have told anyone about that if it weren’t for the revelation that the videos were created of my cheerleaders without their knowledge,” Wells said.

He added: “I was embarrassed and scared if I said anything I might be fired.”


Cheerleaders appeared in unauthorized explicit videos that a former squad member described as ‘soft porn’Credit: Getty Images – Getty


The lewd videos were created using outtakes from photoshoots for the 2008 and 2010 swimsuit calendarsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The outlet previously reported that the team, formerly known as the Washington Redskins, had produced explicit videos for Snyder with unused footage from 2008 and 2010 swimsuit calendar shoots that include partial nudity.

The so-called “good bits” of the ex-dancers appear in the videos in moments when prop adjustments and pose shifts exposed their nipples and pubic areas, the outlet reported.

The behind-the-scenes footage was allegedly compiled into two 10-minute unofficial videos, obtained by the Washington Post, and set to a soundtrack of classic rock hits Snyder enjoyed from The Rolling Stones and U2.

But the allegations come amid revelations that the cheerleaders themselves were held to strict moral codes in their contracts against “inappropriate” conduct.

Contracts for the cheerleaders from 2008 to 2010, obtained by outlet, said the women could not appear nude or seminude in “tasteless” films or photographs that would “demean” or “embarrass” the Washington Redskins, the report said.

Chastity Evans, who appears in the unofficial 2008 video, told the outlet she was afraid of getting fired just for being photographed with a drink in her hands.

“I would have hoped the team, because they held us to these high standards, would treat us with respect and uphold the same standards. Instead they violated our trust with what sounds like a soft porn video,” Evans told the outlet.

The 40-year-old, who cheered for five seasons, added: “I don’t think they viewed us as people. They viewed us as replaceable objects.”

Former cheerleaders told the outlet that they were afraid more copies of the unauthorized outtakes may exist.

Ashley Taylor, whose nipples are briefly exposed in unauthorized footage from a topless beach shoot, was just a teenager when she modeled for the 2010 calendar.

“I grew up in this organization and trusted them, my family trusted them, but now I feel violated,” she told the outlet.

Last month, it was revealed that lawyers representing 12 of the cheerleaders notified Snyder of their intent to sue him and the team over the videos.

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