Why Are We Under Constant Surveillance?

Modern Information Technologies are incredibly convenient. We all use phones, computers, watch videos on demand whenever we want to, buy almost any kind of products online, even meet our friends and colleagues in virtual worlds. But this convenience also has its darker side.

Two surveillance cameras - artistic concept of the 'Big brother'.

Two surveillance cameras – artistic concept of the ‘Big brother’. Image credit: Libreshot, free Public Domain licence

This ‘darker side’ is called mass surveillance. The same technology that makes our lives easier, can be used to monitor our lives in almost every step we take. Intelligent microchips are being integrated in nearly every possible gadget or device, street cameras record passing citizens, face recognition identifies us even in low-quality images, and artificial intelligence crunches our personal data gathered by our smart phones – which, incidentally, are being carried with us throughout the entire day.

Why did our society transformed the idea of Big Data into so-called ‘Big Brother’? Is it really necessary to keep us under constant surveillance, and how does this impact our life? The following documentary aims to provide these answers: