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Why it pays to have Fairway Jockey assemble your custom clubs

Order custom golf clubs directly through an equipment manufacturer and you’ll see a firm division of labor: a specialist for grips, another for clubheads, and yet another handling quality assurance. These folks do their best under the circumstances, but they also know there’s another club coming down the line, pronto — the operation might crank out 1,000 sets daily, making flawless execution next to impossible. 

Fairway Jockey operates differently. For starters, the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based online boutique retailer of premium custom-club builds and aftermarket shafts and components, is staffed with nothing but highly accomplished artisans. Fairway Jockey’s elite team of builders have all received top-shelf training. They’ve fulfilled industry qualifications and customized clubs for discerning, uncompromising Tour stars. That attention to detail makes all the difference to everyday golfers who take their clubs as seriously as Tour stars do.

Housed in its humming 20,000-square-foot shop, Fairway Jockey’s production system is set up to make the most of its staff’s expertise. A single builder crafts each custom order by hand, with quality checkpoints set up throughout the build, not only at the end, meaning the final product is sure to be flawless and completed exactly to the desired specifications. Making perfectly on-point clubs is what motivates these builders.

What’s more, Fairway Jockey is the only company in the space where a buyer can have a consultation with a club-fitter before ordering with the custom equipment still checking in at MAP (minimum advertised pricing). It’s unbeatable bang for the buck. Add in a host of club brands, big and small, and a vast selection of premium, exotic shafts, and it’s easy to see why Fairway Jockey has gone from strength to strength since its arrival on the scene. 

In the past year alone, the company’s web traffic has skyrocketed 800 percent as the lure of made-to-measure clubs continues to grow and word of its prowess spreads. It’s easy to see why. 

Fairway Jockey’s interface makes assembling your custom clubs a breeze.

Upon arrival on Fairway Jockey’s site, customers see that creating their dream club or clubs is a synch thanks to the clean and intuitive interface. Select your clubhead model and pair it with a shaft (there are options from 17 different companies). Then comes the really fun stuff: picking your loft, length, grip type, even the number of tape layers you want under your grip. (Like we said: precision!) 

For those players who demand an impeccable, high-end end product, with ultra-tight tolerances and exact swingweights, lofts and lies, Fairway Jockey should be your first and only stop.

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