Superconducting Quantum Levitation on a Möbius Strip

You are probably familiar with the superconducting quantum levitation effect. But did you know that there are numbers of very interesting ways to experiment with it?

In order to force a magnet to levitate, you will need a superconductor and some liquid nitrogen. With a relatively simple setup you could observe this interesting phenomenon where magnet floats above the nitrogen-cooled superconductive surface. Magnetic field is expelled from a superconductor after it reaches so-called critical temperature where its electrical resistivity drops to zero. Therefore, the permanent magnet placed above gets pushed away, with force sufficient to lift it into the air.

The most simple experiment is, of course, the demonstration of the levitation effect itself:

With enough resources and some creativity, more complex experiments can be made. The following video shows quantum levitation experiment on a 3π Möbius strip track. 3π means strip has three twists, 540 degrees in total.

What superconductive levitation experiment would you make?